Automatic hair rinse filters are widely used in metallurgical, petrochemical, power, papermaking, automobile, etc.
Steel industry is the important industry of national economy, is the important symbol of national strength and the level of industrial development, it is for machinery, energy, chemical industry, transportation, construction, aerospace, military and other products in all walks of life to provide the required materials. Steel industry wastewater mainly comes from water production process, equipment and products, such as cooling water, flue gas washing and rinsing venues, but 70% of the waste water from the cooling water. "Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning indicators is asking the country to ten thousand yuan GDP water consumption and water consumption per ten thousand yuan of value-added by industry reduced about 30%, respectively, for the national pillar industry, at the same time, water consumption and large iron and steel industry for promoting water saving technology is all the more important.
Automatic backwash filter is used to filter and intercept particulate impurities in the low viscosity liquid. Excellent structure design and automatic cleaning function bring users the control performance of stable and reliable, but also cuts the operation maintenance cost. High efficiency and energy saving, intelligent design, the entire automation.
过滤精度从25 到3000 微米,采用线隙式或超级编织网式不锈钢滤芯,同时保证了工艺介质中污染颗粒的高滤除率。
Filtration precision from 25 to 3000 microns, line gap type or the super network weaving type stainless steel filter, at the same time to ensure the process of pollution particles in high rate of filter.






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